Canon Printer Drivers


Canon Printer Drivers

Are you one of them, those who have just purchased a printer or a Canon printer but have no idea how to move forward with it? Even if you have no information regarding the Canon printer drivers and their downloading, installing, or printer setup process, then this information can become very helpful for you. Moreover, this entire downward information belongs to every user who indulges in the printing work or is fond of printers and printing. 

When it comes to defining, the Canon Printer Drivers are the software tool that helps convert your data into a printing formation. And To do this, you need to first download and install the Canon printer drivers into your system then go through the Canon printer setup process. Furthermore, you can fulfill the whole above given requirements if you follow the manual steps or directly by accessing the ij.start.cannon URL. Consequently, you can enjoy the enhanced and much more improved printing outcomes.

Downloading Canon Printer Drivers via ij.start.cannon

You can download the Canon printer drivers into your system via ij.start.cannon URL or by following the below given manual steps:

Power ‘ON’ your system and turn ‘ON’ your Wi-Fi network for network connectivity. After that, open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc. Then, enter the ij.start.cannon URL into the address bar to reach the official website of Canon. 

➔ Next, hit the ‘Setup tab’ icon to access the product Selection window. Then, go to the ‘Search Field’ and enter your printer model name, which you can see in the middle of your screen.   

➔ Remember, you also need to check the outer side of your printer. So you can find the printer model number, in case you don’t know about it. Then, you need to click the ‘Go’ option. 

➔ Further, double-click on the ‘Operating System’ field and also make the changes if required. After that, you will see the Download window of ij.start.cannon on your screen. Click the Download option to download the “canon printer drivers” into your system. 

➔ Finally, never change or swap your screen in between the process. Also, avoid running other additional software files on your system while downloading or processing. Remember, you have to save the Printer driver file in a secure folder after downloading it. Furthermore, to jump onto the subsequent process of installation, you can follow the downward steps.

Installing Canon Printer Drivers via ij.start.cannon

Installing the Canon printer drivers into your PC/laptop is straightforward. You can install it once you download the Canon printer drivers. And, to install the Canon printer drivers, either you can follow the downward steps or directly access the ij.start.cannon URL

Search for the “Downloads” folder in your system so that you can run the printer driver files later. After that, double-click the Canon printer drivers’ setup files. And click on the “Run” icon to run the Canon printer driver files into your system.

Next, your screen will see the ‘Canon printer Setup’ option. Then, recheck your chosen language and return to the software to click on the “Next” option. 

Choose a USB cable or a Wi-Fi network to connect your printer with your PC/laptop. Then, you will see a list of several printer drivers on your system.

Afterward, enable all the preferred checkboxes of the package that you have selected. Also, keep in mind to arrange enough space in your system before installing the Canon printer drivers in your system. Moreover, tap on the “Next” icon and move to ij.start.cannon URL to start the Canon printer setup process.

Further, prompt to the License Agreement window and review all the settings that you have made before moving forward. And, once you are done, go to the ij.start.cannon URL to automatically install the Canon printer drivers in your system as an alternative option.

Finally, when the Canon printer driver is successfully installed into your system, follow the downward steps to set up your Canon printer.

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To Get Started

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Canon Printer Setup Process

Before you start, remove all the packaging from your Canon printer, including bubble wraps, packaging tapes, transport materials, etc. Further, you can check the manual book with the printer to recheck everything, whether everything is in order or not. 

Next, insert the connector into the wall outlet to power ‘ON’ your printer. 

Now, properly insert the papers into the tray. Then, plug the connector into the wall outlet. After that, turn ‘ON’ your printer. 

Afterward, put the sheets and cartridges into the input tray to prepare your printer for printing. Then, choose your desired language in which you want your printouts once you turn ‘ON’ your printer. 

Remember, filling the ink cartridges into your printer is essential to the Canon printer setup process. Doing this enables your printer to take text or color printouts.  

Further, it would help if you determined the grids before taking the printouts. Doing this assists your printer in printing on paper. After that, you can even change the grids after taking printouts and reviewing them as per your requirements by jumping onto the Settings option. 

Finally, place the PCB on the scanner, so it can align and run the scanner to get the printouts.

Connecting Printer via WiFi or USB Cable

Wireless Network

Connect your Canon Printer with your system using a Wi-Fi network. First, jump onto the Wireless Settings screen on your Canon printer. Then, select the Wireless LAN Setup Wizard, and connect to your Wi-Fi network with which you would like to pair your PC/laptop.

Connecting Canon IJ Printer to WiFi

USB Cable

Use the USB cable connection if your printer is not wireless. Moreover, purchase it from outside if you have not got it with the printer. And while connecting, take the USB cable and then insert one end of it into your system and the other into your Canon printer. And that’s how you can implement the process to connect by using a USB cable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Canon printer drivers?

The Canon printer drivers are the software tool that converts your data into a printing format; they also need to be downloaded and installed into your system so that it will be easy for your printer to understand and print the outcomes.

2. How to use the ij.start.cannon URL can help you to download and install the Canon printer drivers?

The ij.start.cannon is an official and user-friendly Canon URL that provides you the free access to download and install the Canon printer drivers into your system. Furthermore, by using the ij.start.cannon provides you with every manual information regarding the Canon printer drivers and the Canon setup process with the space to leave a benchmark, share your experience and ask your queries.

3. How can you connect a Canon printer to your PC/laptop using a USB or a Wi-Fi network?

Before and after downloading and installing the Canon printer drivers, it becomes necessary to apply the Canon printer setup process. But here, connecting your Canon printer with your PC/laptop using a Wi-Fi or USB cable is the last stage of the Canon printer setup process before you start printing. Furthermore, to learn the Canon printer setup process, you can either follow the above manual steps or access the ij.start.cannon URL.